Once there was cover

"A magical tale that comes full circle,
urging readers to dream big." 

Once There Was

Illustrated by Gemma Capdevila

To be published by
Cameron Kids/Abrams
May 2, 2023

‎ ISBN 978-1951836658

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 A simple, modern fable about dreaming of being something else, transformations, and the innerconnectedness  of all things.
In this magical, modern fairy tale, a girl dreams she is a princess. A princess dreams she is a horse. A horse dreams she is a tree, a tree a mountain, a mountain a moon, a moon a sea, a sea a girl.


Spare, descriptive text is accompanied by rich, strikingly detailed watercolorlike illustrations. The simple story sends a message that it's important to dream and to reach for the stars and the moon—and that someone just might be wishing they were you. A magical tale that comes full circle, urging readers to dream big.

-- Kirkus Reviews
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Gemma Capdevila is a fine artist and illustrator. Her magical work is inspired by the natural world, the ocean, and the forest. She lives and works in Barcelona.
"I first started drawing like everyone: the day I had a pencil in my hands. I simply have never stopped doing it."

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