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Here Comes Trouble!

Illustrated by Noah Z. Jones

Published by
Scholastic, Inc.
January, 2013

ISBN 978-0545359061

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The Real Toby

Toby doesn't like cats. When Pandora, the cat from next door, comes to stay with Toby and his family, he growls and grumbles.

Pandora does whatever she pleases, and, unlike Toby, she never gets in trouble. But when Pandora gets stuck in a tree, it's up to Toby to come to her rescue!


Toby, the intelligent, spunky, and problem-prone pup from Always in Trouble, is back in this quirky, funny story about the love/hate relationship between cats and dogs. Toby really doesn't like cats, and he is incensed at the fact that they always wreak havoc and never actually get punished for it. When Pandora, a neighbor's cat, comes to stay while her people are away, Toby tries to make trouble for her, but she ignores him. When she does naughty things (shredding the curtains, sampling the cake), no one seems to notice. When Toby samples the cake, everyone notices. The injustice of it all really irks him. But then, Pandora gets herself stuck in a tree, and no one notices except Toby, who cleverly arranges her rescue. Thus, a friendship is forged. The repetitious nature of the text and the bright, expressive illustrations make this book a great pick for any audience. Children who are familiar with Toby will be satisfied with his continued adventures.

-- School Library Journal

In this very funny sequel to Always in Trouble (2009), the lovably goofy dog Toby has to deal with a rival—Pandora, the cat next door who is temporarily staying with Toby’s family. Pandora embodies everything Toby dislikes about cats: she “was slinky and spunky and snooty and snobby. Worst of all, she didn’t pay any attention to Toby.” Jones’s emphatically scrawled cartoons highlight Toby’s mischievous (and unsuccessful) attempts to get Pandora’s attention.... Demas and Jones hone their storytelling and artwork for maximum comic effect in a story about finding allies in unexpected places and making some big messes along the way.

-- Publishers Weekly

This simple story with bright illustrations stands on its own or could easily be used as a parable of bringing a new baby or foster child into the home. While Toby’s willingness to help Pandora (in spite of her initial snobbishness) may be hard to explain, it is rewarded, and the concluding scene…will have kids and adults alike laughing.

-- Booklist

Sure, Toby is a grown-up, sophisticated pooch. After all, he’s been schooled! He’s a certified obedience school graduate and knows the rules. But there was one elective he didn’t master–canine-feline relationships....It’s another installment in the long-standing feud between felines and the canine world, in Corinne Demas’ latest, Here Comes Trouble! As in her earlier Toby title, Always in Trouble, there’s a somewhat surprising ending to her well-told tale that will give kids a giggle and Pandora her well-deserved comeuppance. Noah Z. Jones’ comic illustrations, with their wiggly black-line outlines and flat color are just right for this piquant little story, and kids will be left looking forward to more Toby and Pandora tales.

-- BooksForKidsBlog
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The Real Toby

When I was a kid growing up in New York City I desperately wanted to have a dog, but they weren’t allowed in the Stuyvesant Town apartment, where I lived.  I had a large collection of stuffed dogs, though, and my favorite was one called an “autograph hound.”  stuffed tobyHe was covered in a canvas fabric and came with a pen.  All the kids in my class signed their names on him.  His name was Toby, and he was so well-loved he got worn out.  I sewed patches on him wherever his stuffing started to become unstuffed.  By the time I grew up he was almost entirely covered by patches. I have him today, and he resides in a shoebox in my closet, occasionally coming out to have his picture taken.

Toby, in Always in Trouble, is named for my stuffed dog, but he acts a lot like the real dogs I have had in my life.  (Although none of the dogs I have lived with have ever volunteered to vacuum.) Our vet’s real name is Dr. Katz, and we do have our dog’s certificate from dog training school hung on the wall, just at his proper height. He hasn’t eaten it.  Yet.

Drawings of Toby by Students at
Wildwood Elementary School, Amherst, Massachusetts


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Noah Z. JonesNoah Z. Jones is an author/illustrator/ animator who has illustrated numerous books fo children including Not Norman and Those Shoes. Noah and his wife Diane adopted their dog, Otto, from a local animal shelter. Otto likes to bark, chase cars, and chew up important pieces of paperwork.

Noah is currently living in sunny Los Angeles working on his very own cartoon series, Fish Hooks, for the Disney Channel.