YUCK! Stuck in the Muck
by Corinne Demas

Illustrated by Laura Rader

Published by
Scholastic Inc., 2006
(Scholastic Reader -- Level 1)

How to Get This Book
Behind the Scenes


Dog chases Duck into the swamp, setting off a very muddy chain of events. Chuck tries to pull Dog out of the muck and also gets stuck. One by one, each character gets stuck while trying to help another. At last, a helicopter rescues them, and Duck flies back to build a nest on the still-stuck truck!


How to Get This book:

1. Ask for it at your local library.
If they don't have it, they may be able to
get it for you from another library.

2. Buy it at your local bookstore.
If they don't have it in stock,
they can always order it for you.

3. Order it on-line.

Behind the Scenes

The idea for this adventure in the muck came from a newspaper article about a duck hunter who got stuck in a swamp and one after another all of his rescuers got stuck, too. Eventually everyone was rescued by a helicopter.

I’m fond of ducks and I don’t like hunting, so the duck in my story is chased by a dog, and the duck lucks out in the end.

When I was working on the book, my elementary-school age friend Jessie (whom the book is dedicated to) came for a visit. I showed her two versions of the story, one which had a donkey and the other which had a horse. I asked her which she liked better. She picked the donkey, because “donkeys are more interesting.”

And "donkey and dog" sounds better than "horse and dog", doesn’t it?


Here is a photo of Jessie with her horse, Harmony. If Harmony gets jealous because she’s not in this story, Jessie can read her my book The Perfect Pony.

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