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Snow Day

by Corinne Demas Bliss

Illustrated by
Nancy Poydar

Published by
Random House, 1998
(Step Into Reading, a Step 3 Book)

How to Get this Book


Emily loves snow. But she hates snowballs! There might be a snowday tomorrow. The other kids are planning a big snowball fight. Will Emily have to stay inside all day? Or will Marietta help Emily make it the best snowday ever?


How to Get This Book:

1. Ask for it at your local library. If they don't have it, they may be able to get it for you from another library.

2. Order it on-line.

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About the Illustrator

Nancy Poydar has always loved to draw. When she was a girl she had loved Little Lulu comic books and hung the covers in her room. They inspired her to draw her own characters—ballet dancers with impossibly long legs, queens with changeable gowns, and boy and girl twins with names like Paul and Pauline. Nancy was an only child and entertained herself by acting out stories about the dancers, the queens and the twins.  She gave drawing lessons to her friends and told them stories with her pictures. Nancy says, “It was only natural that teaching, drawing, and stories would be central to my life.  I wasn’t good at ballet.”

Nancy has illustrated numerous children’s books, including ones she’s written herself, like Mailbox Magic, First Day Hooray and Snip, Snip, Snow. She taught sixth grade for fourteen years, so she has a special knack for stories that have classroom settings--like The Shortest Kid in the World and Snow Day.

By coincidence, Nancy and I both graduated from Tufts University, both summer on Cape Cod, and both of us own bearded collies.

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